Setting it up…. Computer must have the Smart Board software loaded.
i. Suggestion: Have your lap top plugged in too.
ii. Monitor cable has only one port to the computer, if it doesn’t fit try a different port of turn it up the other way.
iii. On the projector there is an in and out port, you want the out port.
iv. Once everything is plugged in and turned on, you may or may not get an image. If you have not got an image you may need to use the function and monitor output button on your keyboard (often F4 or F5).
v. Once you have an image focus the image appropriately.
vi. The smart board also needs to be connected to the computer, there is a USB plug that goes into your USB port on your computer.
vii. Next you need to orient the board. Hold down the two keys in front of the eraser together and the orientation screen appears.
viii. You are now ready to go!

Using the SB as an interface for your computer
How it works……..The board is made up of two layers, when you touch the board the two layers a can be connected and this creates a circuit. This means you can be firm and deliberate.
The other thing to remember is that it can only cope with one point of contact at a time. Remember use the tip of the pen.

Touching the board is equivalent to a left mouse click.
To achieve a right mouse click – press the mouse button in front of the eraser this tells the board you want a right mouse click. This default back to the left click afterwards. An alternative is to hold your finger on the board for a few seconds and it give you the right mouse click.

To write press the keyboard button in front of the eraser and a keyboard appears that you can type on from the board.

The pens add a new dimension to using the computer…you can annotate any image shown on the screen. The last pen picked up is the default colour. The tray determines the colour not the actual pen.

Putting the all the pens down brings the board back to mouse mode. Tapping the board clears off the annotation.

The task bar always remains active for mouse clicks. If all the pens/eraser are all lost the board can still be activated by using the SB icon on the RHS of the task bar. Select the control panel.

Keeping your annotated screens
The board operates in two modes: Transparency layer mode and the Smart aware mode.
Transparency layer mode is the default mode and acts like white board when in the SB Smart Notebook software. If you annotate the screen at any other time as soon as the tool are replaced a single click erases the annotation.
When in Transparency layer mode if you pick up a pen a small tool bar appears and a board surround the image. This indicates that a transparent layer has been added to the board on which you can annotate.

To restore your annotation after it has been erased hit the dialogue box in the RH corner. If you miss this, when you select a pen again you can restore the last annotation using the small tool bar that appears.

You can capture your annotation permanently. Using the small tool bar select the camera capture tool. Either tap the board once to capture the whole screen or drag a rectangle of the area you wish to select.

Smart Aware – Excel, Word, PowerPoint come on automatically. When you open one of these programs rather than a small tool bar dialogue box the tool bar appears with the other tool bars in the program.
When you use the pens you can annotate the document but not the tool bars. They still work as normal.

To save you annotations use the LH ‘+’ button on the tool bar. This inserts the annotation into the document and it appears as image box.

If you want to add writing write the words you want. Choose the second ‘+ – N’ button on the tool bar, the program will convert your hand written text to printed text.

You can still capture the whole document and insert it into the Smart Notebook software as before using the capture tool on the tool bar.

When using PowerPoint, you will be I transparency mode when in the editing but Smart aware in the presentation. When presenting, you can use the tool bar to move forward or back through the slides. Double tapping on the board also moves you through the slides.

The middle button of the toolbar also offer you the opportunity to save a screen to the Smart Notebook, or add it to the presentation.