The move away from direct instruction into alternative methods of learning, constructivist learning.
A need to gather a rich array of information to broaden a students understanding of a topic. The web offers this opportunity. A Web quest attempts to use the rich array but avoids direct instruction.

What makes a good WebQuest?

How do you integrate all of the wonderful educational theories to give our students the best educational experience without burning out as a teacher?
– Novice/expert scaffolding – look at what experts do, chunk it, investigate the chunks through different processes, this varies with students webquest experience
– Motivational Theory
– Schema theory – map onto prior learning
– Learner centred principles
– Constructivist – look at a complex thing in it complexity
– Cooperative Learning/Interpersonal Skills
– Thematic
– Authentic – making it real
– Overt Metacognative – talking aloud, why are we using theses strategies