Oz -Teachers this week have been discussing Twitter and how this form of social networking can be great fun but very useful in teaching. I have heard much about Twitter but never indulged myself. After the large number of positive feed back from Oz-teachers I think I need to investigate.

I am going to try to set up a physics twitter network to start with. From others accounts the value of twitter is the real time response to short queries. I can see the value in this; especially if you need an answer to a ‘dumb’ question while preparing a lesson, or if you are like me, while in class.

If you have come to this post after getting my invitation to join this little experiment please do join. My aim is to ask physics teachers who gave me their details from the VCAA VCE physics briefing held at Marian last year (29th May) as well as those who attend my VCE Physics Conference 2009 session. I will also be inviting those teachers who attended my session last year at STAVCON for Fun and easy physics for the non-physics trained this will bring together physics experts with those who are seeking some expertise.

Are you interested?

Please join my Physics Twitter at: http://twitter.com/physicSOS
If you are new to Twitter like me you might find this explanation by Chris Betcher helpful:
I have also installed feedalizer which enables me to see tweets as they are posted while doing other stuff.