Yes I spent the cash and have invested in an iPad. I have had it for about a month and these are my thought so far:

Fun 4/5
OK its ace! I love the ease of getting into my electronic communications such as email, twitter and Facebook without having to wait for the computer to boot the computer. I am loving a couple of apps in particular:
– Flipboard is fantastic..takes a twitter stream and turns it tin a glossy mag layout. As most of my twitter is eLearning related this creates a fantastic eLearning mag that is different every hour!
– Youtube is still fantastic but just so easy to access and watch on the iPad
– The Elements – just beautiful
– Goodreader – Gradually putting any pdfs on here, great to read easy to use and now I don’t have to lug heaps of books about!
– Amazon Kindle: enjoying reading electronically have no issues reading straight from the screen. Love being able to change font size and background colour. Also love not having to have the bedside light on to read. V.sneaky!!

Have used it at work heaps too which is great as this justifies the investment….well a bit! Have used it to show movies with the cable jack…worked a treat. Can display the textbooks and use it for presentations. getting use to not having to lug the laptop around top every class.