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I have been assisting several teachers set up wikis for their classes next year. Some of the issues that have come to light….
1. make sure they right down all their passwords and somewhere they can find them again!!
2. Check with the network manager to ensure emails from the wiki are not blocked by the school. This was a particular issue for us.
3. Make sure that each person has a clear idea on what they want the wiki to be. I have recommended blogs to several staff who were really looking for journal type application rather than a learning space.

This is a link to the Wikispaces learning A to Z page. Here are many educational wikis which can give an idea of how wikis can be used in education:


A good article on implementation of 1-1 check out edition 2 of Smart Bytes;

It has a complete model for implementing such a program – all based on comprehensive research into 1-1 programs that have, and haven;t worked in different parts of the world.

Meeting presentation: 0.5 hr

Presented to staff the use of the blog as a way of tracking our PD as a requirement of the VIT registration. I find using the blog as a far more convenient method for traking my PD as the blog is able to categorize the entries which make it much easier to search on a later date. I like being able to enter links and pictures with my reports and enjoy the opportunity to have comments and responses.

My PD Blog is available here